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I am a 30 year old male. I had a slight case of Gyno in my left breast about 8 years ago when I began weight training seriously. It was a bit sore and there was a slight mass under my nipple that shrunk after a few months/years. In the last 2 months my right nipple has become extremely puffy and a mass has started to develop under the nipple. It seems like more and more fat is starting to develop around the entire lower breast and it is very sore all the time. I am very lean and in excellent shape, so it's really starting to look weird. If I squeeze the nipple very hard a very small amount of clear watery liquid will develop at the tip.  My right nipple is very puffy and sticks out all the time now. Is this more than just Gyno? the liquid has me concerned. It feels very similar to what happened with my left breast but a bit more intense with the slight discharge. BTW, I don't use steroids. Thanks for any replies in advance.

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Welcome to, j-r. 

Sounds like you need to go to an endocrinologist to have your hormone levels checked.  That's what I'd recommend. 


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