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Alrite Guys,

Just getting everything sorted for my op on thursday! I will be posting pre and post op pics after I get the compression vest off!

I just have one Q though which I hope someone can help me on!

I will be getting the Heathrow connect to paddington.....I arrive in at terminal one around 3 on Wed!

Can anyone tell me how far it will be from terminal 1 to get the heathrow connect to paddington?!

I know it might be a bit of a daft Q but I have only been to Heathrow once and I am not really sure of my way around! any pointers would be great?!

Any advice would be much appreciated!!

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Heathrow connect runs from Terminal 4./5  Take the Heathrow Express train between the terminals.  They run every 15mins, take 5 mins to go between.  See below for more details.


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