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I've come to the conclusion, in a very subjective, non-scientific way perhaps that guys probably come to an acceptance of having gyno in correlation to the degree that they experience erogenous pleasure from having breasts. Anyone else think this might be true?  Gyno or no gyno, guys seem to vary in the sexual arousal they experience having their nipples stimulated.   One thing also being obvious that it has nothing to do with masculinity/feminity or sexual preference. 

I can hardly remember a time when I did not get a great deal of sexual pleasure and emotional satisfaction having my breasts played with and my nipples sucked.  This has always been a core part of my sexuality.  My partner can bring me to a hard orgasm fondling my breasts and sucking my nipples and it seems to be an integral way for us to experience emotional intimacy with each other.   And I have always thought breasts looked sexy on guys, so for me gyno--especially large nipples just enhances a guy's attractiveness.

I've not had gyno to the degree that I have needed (or ever wanted) to wear a bra.  I work out and keep myself in shape with the result that I feel better about my body anyway and I have built extra chest muscle mass.  Probly also keeps my breasts from sagging.  I am not self-conscious about going around without a shirt.  My life-partner enjoys seeing me shirtless and I enjoy it when I know he gets turned looking at my breasts and he has told me he feels very possessive about them.

I didn't start out feeling self-acceptance.  I felt ashamed about a lot of things about myself, including being gay, overweight (at one time.) and having breasts.  I never believed I was handsome regardless of what I was told.  I guess gradually, over time my feelings changed about being who I am.  For me having breasts are assets that correlate with having an  affectionate, nurturing personality and being a naturally sensuous guy, they greatly enhance my sex life and that of my partner and they are expressive of who I am as a man.  I have always been glad I was born a man and liked being a guy.  I love having a penis too and am proud of what I got.  You might call me the full-meal deal.


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You might have a point there.  As for myself, yeah, it feels good.  But self-acceptance has more "fronts" (pun??) than just gyne.... when you learn to accept all of your shortcomings then what your chest looks like plays very little in the equation.  I tend to think that being well adjusted and accepting of self brings me to conclude that my breasts are in fact no big deal.

All that said, every gal I've ever been intimate with found my breasts a real turn on... go figure.  That can be a real builder of self esteem. 



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AMEN i agree with u both.... having these big melons (as i call em) is a huge asset.. when u walk around in public shirtless its surprising how many so called STR8 men stare and  make sexual comments .. i have been hit on on by so many str8 men its surely an ego booster...
but u know, men in general love titts  anyway (be it on us or women)   

Interesting findings,triplex. I personally have no problems with my breasts but the only comments I get from other men is things like "he must be gay, look at his t1ts"! (Im not gay) But there are a lot of neandrathals about! ???

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Thats an under shirt dude =P. It flattens the gyne so you can wear a normal shirt.


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