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User Diaries / Re: Frustrated as hecht!
« Last post by WPW717 on Today at 05:49:59 PM »

Got in to see Endo, new labs drawn… more detailed than Urologist’s

Prolactin level elevated 3 ng/dl over normal

FSH is elevated 5 x over normal
LH is elevated 9 x over normal

But estradiol is at upper level of normal
E/T ratio is 16.9 ( using the last T value

A fractionated T level is still pending
Will recalculate E/T ratio when it is reported

Testicular US shows some abnormalities with no definitive Dx

Awaiting a callback from Endocrinologist

So,no explanation as to why I have large breasts yet
And the mystery continues …

At least the have progressed to an odd sensation rather than pain for last 8 months 
Gynecomastia Talk / Re: Sizing
« Last post by 42CSuprise! on Today at 05:09:52 PM »
Your question is rather unique because the measurements you're talking about are the kind that might be done during a scan to see if you have breast cancer.  I'm sorry you're going through that.  I hope it is routine and not the result of an exam that found a lump.  Men here with gynecomastia will occasionally have mammograms as part of their regular health checkup.  I've not done that but my breast growth has really escalated the last few years when COVID has made trips to the doctors office rare as hen's teeth.

I also read your comment that the breast growth you're experiencing is not a problem.  That said, you did ask about brassieres and two regulars chimed in.  I'm another person who hasn't felt the need to wear a brassiere, despite breast growth, but I am a person who wanted to experiment with the experience.  I've enjoyed it, but then I'm a bit kinky.  Looking for an attractive brassiere and then seeing how it can enhance the appearance of my breasts are things I enjoy.  I'm pretty certain others in this group feel the same, though they aren't as likely to say that.  There are good arguments in support of men wearing brassieres, but it is still far from the norm.  You'll have to decide for yourself whether you want to try a walk on the wild side.  Good luck with the scan.
Your Stories / Re: New member
« Last post by SideSet on Today at 03:14:09 PM »
C cup is a nice full heavy womanly size 
Sex / Re: Before and After
« Last post by Aussie63 on Today at 08:52:10 AM »
I don't think that this is any different to accepting and enjoying any physical attribute of our partners. A long time ago I had a girlfriend who wore a 32B bra. When she wasn't my girlfriend anymore but my wife, she wore 34B bras. Now, decades later, she wears 40D's and is now moving to 40DD's or 42C's. I've always enjoyed them, whether they were a small handful back then or something that I can bounce around now. It made no difference to me, and the reaction has always been the same - "Stop" with rolled eyes, but a smile at the same time.... Offsetting this, I certainly get a lot more attention nowadays too, even though I am still relatively small, mainly because of the way that I present myself. Over the past few months I have been far more relaxed about being accepted for how I am, and it has paid dividends. I love the attention that I get nightly, tolerating the irritation because my wife wants to go for it.

"she enjoyed the responses that I would elicit. As a result, she was also educating me on what she liked."

So true!!! ;)
Acceptance / Re: Do you like wearing a bra
« Last post by 42CSuprise! on Yesterday at 06:15:42 PM »
I'll jump into this conversation... after many weeks of not visiting this website.  I've never worn a brassiere every day and don't expect I ever will.  Yes, my breasts are large enough to warrant wearing a brassiere but I've lived so many years masking the appearance of my chest that even as my breasts have grown, which they have the last few years, I get along fine with a dark tee shirt and a unbuttoned cotton shirt covering my curves.  That said, I do on occasion wear a brassiere and I enjoy the experience... not because I'm trying to deal with back pain or sensitive nipples.  There is a bit of a sexual charge from finding a great looking brassiere and in appreciating how it does its job... showing off my breasts.  Funny thing is I have no interest in transitioning as Sophie has done but I find myself enjoying my breasts after a lifetime of embarrassment over my fleshy chest.  Hanging out with other men talking about selecting and wearing brassieres definitely helps with self-acceptance, though most often men prefer talking about the mechanics of it all rather than the sensuality of it.  There is room for all of it... all of us.  :)
Acceptance Garments / Re: Your Favorite Bra Fitter and Why?
« Last post by OnlyGodKnowsWhy on Yesterday at 05:43:12 PM »
Torrid is very open as well.  Recently have had good luck with them. They're a favorite of Sophia's too.
I'll look torrid up and see if there is one around me. Thanks 😊 
Acceptance Garments / Re: Your Favorite Bra Fitter and Why?
« Last post by OnlyGodKnowsWhy on Yesterday at 05:42:26 PM »
There is a transgender woman who lives in Florida that works part time for Soma. Rhonda is her name. So yes, soma is much more open about this sort of thing. She has a blog. Talks a lot about fashion and being accepted of who you are.
I'll have to check out her blog for sure!!! I'm sure it will help me finally become me.... ;)
Acceptance / Re: Like Women
« Last post by gotgyne on Yesterday at 12:33:03 PM »
It was self acceptance that was much more difficult to obtain than then family and friends acceptance.

Sophie ❤️
For me it's the other way round.

Acceptance / Re: Like Women
« Last post by aboywithgirls on Yesterday at 12:03:14 PM »
I have had you crossed several bridges of acceptance throughout my life. The 1st, was accepting the fact that I was growing breasts at a very young age. This of course led to wearing a bra for comfort and support. From there, I had to accept the fact that I had to start wearing a bra all the time, comma which of course, let mama led to being discovered. I also had to accept the fact that women's clothes fit better than men's and, what would people think. It would be several more years, Before that I would accept the fact that I was actually A woman.

All of these bridges of acceptance had the same thing in common.It was self acceptance that was much more difficult to obtain than then family and friends acceptance.

We must accept ourselves before others can accept us.If wearing a bra improves your life, then you absolutely no question should be wearing one to have your best life that you can.

Sophie ❤️ 
Acceptance / Re: Like Women
« Last post by blad on Yesterday at 11:45:59 AM »
I have read a few of the posts on this topic. I have been clear that I don't feel comfortable about showing that I'm wearing a bra. So, my choice is to wear a bra that is concealing, that has to be touched in order for someone to notice I'm wearing it. 

I am sure that most members on this forum are trying to play down that they are wearing a bra and not make it obvious at all. Often by the choices of shirts and their patterns and colors. A number of members have come to the equilibrium that they don't care if some one else notices their bra, but they are not trying to show it off.

But there is no effective disguise of our breasts projecting with or without a bra, although many feel their breasts are less obvious when contained and controlled in a bra. And many feel their confidence in public is actually improved when everything is under control with a bra on.

But as you noted, people can feel the bra straps with contact like a hug or a pat on the back. In this department, racer back bras and bralettes with no back fasteners or adjustments are more stealthy if you like the style and support they provide. 

Ultimately, the preference to wear a bra for various comfort and support reasons should prevail over perceived public concern. 
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