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after living with gyno for 5+ years from steroid use i finally had it removed in 2014, gland excision plus lipo. my surgeon was excellent from start to finish so this is not criticism in any way. 

6 months post op there was still some puffyness and i could feel hard gland/tissue under my nipples. my surgeon agreed and decided to do a revision, no lipo this time just excision. 

6 months after my 2nd op which was around 14 months after my original op and i was very happy with the results. i am still happy now with the results in general however i can still feel very hard gland or tissue behind both nipples and to the sides. 

my surgeon explained before my 1st op he would be leaving some tissue in there to stop concaving and he was really adamant about this. he said it was very important to do so to stop concaving plus the health of the areola. he did not really want to operate the 2nd time but i insisted i was not 100% happy and due to it costing a fair amount he did do the revision for me. 

only a tiny amount was removed from both sides the 2nd time. 

it looks perfect if im honest and overall im happy im just worried that if i was to start trt in the future that the gyno will return due to whats been left behind?

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If indeed your surgeon preserved some gland (breast tissue) beneath the areola to prevent a crater deformity, then you have a very real chance of new growth if you were to commence TRT again -- beware!

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