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I got my surgery done a month ago now and I had a concern about my procedure. I've looked up videos where ppl get the surgery done and the doctors wrap their entire chest and give them drainage tubes. They did not wrap my chest and only gave me 1 drainage tube because they claim I ripped the right side one out due to being agitated while on anesthesia. I had only a mild case of gynecomastia and the surgeon said that the wrapping was unnecessary as well as the tube for my right side. Any opinions?


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Yes. You now need to be very patient, because there isn't anything you can do except get your body time to recover from the surgery and see the final results. It my take more time then you want to wait to let any swelling go down, and did they talk to you about massaging it? I've read about massage, that it helps as well.

Anyway you look at it, patients is needed now, so good luck as this is the hard part!


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