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   So too make it short and simple, I had my surgery earlier today. My preop photos of before are on a old thread I made. I am 19 and finally got it done. Oh yeah, insurance payed it with one submission. If anyone says you can't do it, they are full of shit. Just get a good doc. I got gyno surgery with lipo all around. Was told a ping pong sized ball was cut out of both sides and a little more than 2 coke cans of fat removed (370ml each side). Im 6'3" and weigh 220 containing 19% body fat as of preop. Lived with gyno all my life and it really sucked but it made me a stronger and a better person, never did it steer me away from some tang though. Today's day one and it's not bad at all so far, just tight. Doc sayed no drains required and I got antibiotics with oxycodon. Yes this vest sucks but it is necessary and gives you a sense of protection. Sticking with as much protein and water I can consume. I am a smoker but I decided to not smoke until healing is complete. Any tips as far as scarring? Brands? Foods? Techniques?

Thank you all and good luck.

Photos coming soon.

Sorry for the grammar, im on cloud 9.

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Well done on the smoking front. I could never quite give it up prior to surgery (or after for that matter!).


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