Author Topic: What is your favorite bra and why?  (Read 1979 times)

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Thank you Sophie! I’m wearing a bra full time now since my breast have gotten to their current size. It’s much more comfortable in my daily routine. My wife helps me a lot with her encouragement and she says that she actually prefers me in a bra now at my current size. But she says she wouldn’t care if they got bigger either. I’m still trying to work on my confidence and personal presentation when out and about in public. I do find myself getting more and more comfortable with it and I’m starting to feel better about myself. I really want to just come out with it completely but keep stopping myself. My wife tells me that even though I think I’m hiding it, I’m really not so might as well just do it. I just wish I could get it through my head. 

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it is great that your wife is so supportive. I know mine time you will get more has been said before a lot of us know more about bras than women. my wife actually asked to help her find some new bras.. does yours help you with buying?I think it is great that she doesnt care if you get bigger. best wishes on your journey

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Unlike most of the folks on here, I find a pullover type leisure or low impact sports bra to be perfectly adequate for daily wear and even for activities like mountain biking.  I have accepted and enjoy my breasts and don't mind that they are somewhat obvious but I am still a bit bashful about wearing a bra that shows through my shirt.  The pullovers don't have any hardware on the back and they lie flat under your clothes.  I have been wearing Rhonda Shear Ahh bras almost exclusively for 4 or 5 years.  I wear one nearly every day and having somebody notice my bra is the farthest thing from my mind.

I like the looks of the rhondashear. What color(s) do you prefer? Does the nude match your skin color so that it doesn't show through shirts? Or, should I try to match the shirt color? I'm a 42B or 2XL in most sports bras. They seem to work best for me. Sounds like I might need the XL in one of these.

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I, too, like the pullover style. Hanes make one - I got mine at Walmart. Inexpensive and unobtrusive, adequate support for me most of the time.  Come in various colors - I usually go with beige or black, but also have this one (there weren't any other colors available when I was there).


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