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I developed my gynecomastia at an early age, seeing how most pubescent males get gyno for a short period, I screwed it up even more by taking testosterone supplements to help me out with building muscle. This was when I was 13 or 14 I think. Well from what I am to understand, please let me down easily if I am wrong, but test supplements will boost your testosterone, in return boosting your estrogen to equal out the imbalance. Which is why many tell me now, when I tell them to not take test supplements, that as long as they take an anti-estrogen supp as well, they will not develop gyno. Well I dont know if that is true seeing how I will never do it again either way, guess I am scarred for life.

Anyhow, I know I cant afford the surgery, my insurance already said they wouldnt cover it because its not painful or a serious condition. My 2 docs didnt even know what gyno was, I am not joking I swear I actually had to show one of them in his medical dictionary! Either way I was told by both after reading up on it, that yes I have it. I am 22 years old, cant grow facial hair for anything, I have little body hair and my voice is only deep when I relax and make it that way. So I figured I had an imbalance of test and estrogen, which was making my gyno stay as opposed to going away, well both tested me and I came back normal on both tests. So at that point I am beyond mad because I have always been picked on, always gotten into fights, and almost broken my lead hand because of anger issues. I attacked a wall, guess who didnt win.

I have tried studying, cant see myself going to anymore doctors, cant trust any kind of "hey we cured gynecomastia, come and buy this and it will dissappear overnight and you will be happy" drugs, cant afford surgery (and I have a serious distaste for surgeries, unless I am about to die or something), so what is there to do? The only thing I could come up with was using the testosterone cream they give to people who actually have an imbalance. I met a guy who actually had to use it, started off with injections, then got the cream, worked wonders for him. So I was considering getting some by any means necessary, maybe even going outside the U.S., but if I have just stumbled onto an accident waiting to happen, please someone let me know.

But just out of curiosity, if test supps increase estrogen as well to equal out, and by not taking an anti-estrogen supp as well, you will develop gyno, then why is it when a woman takes estrogen to get bigger breasts, she doesnt get the side effects of having too much test as well? Sorry for the long post guys, but I am fed up with this gyno and I am beyond confused now. Please someone help. Thanks for any replies and information.
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I think steroids can stunt your growth tall are you?

Test supplements?  Like what?  Most of the over the counter stuff is kind of mild...might cause some gyno, don't know if it would screw up your hormones lifetime.

The creams you've read about I think you rub on the gyno...don't know if they work.  They would be less likely to cause systematic effects as it's more of a local effect, from what I've read.

women's estrogen doesn't turn to testosterone...forgot where they get their small amount.  Test does turn to estrogen somewhat via an enzyme called aromatase...if you have too much estrogen it will tell your body to stop making so much testosterone via a feedback in the hypothalmus. 

How bad is your gyno?  It might not have anything to do with the test boosters you took. 

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It may be a good idea to seek the advice of an Endocrinologist.

Just because the Teatosterone and Estrogen levels are within normal limits does not necessarily mean that the relationship between them is normal.

If your Testosterone was in the low end of the normal while your Estrogen was in the high end of the normal range the balance would not be right.  Sometimes the "normal" range is for all men, I'm sure you would not be happy with a Testosterone level which is normal for a 90 year old.

Only an Endocrinologist who has a special interest in reproductive issues has the expertise to correctly evaluate your lab results.

Good Luck!
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