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Hi guys,
this is a very cool place to share ur most personal pics gets very personal if u r suffering frm gyn...

Well somethin abt me:
26 yo.
Height:5' 5 inches.
Weight: 145 pounds.
Some history:
When I was around 11 or 12 my height was not increasing so my folks had taken me to an endocronologist..I was so thin and lanky that they were thinking of gettin somemedicine to make me lil fat..

After the tests (i dunno why they did) the doc said i had some thyroid problems,and my parents dint consult any other doctor.I was put with the medicine eltroxin for 6 months.Now I had started gaining weight and suddenly found that my chest had also started growing.Being in India as it is very taboo and getting a fat chest made matters worst..I dint consult any one and there was no internet then.(1992)

Finally when i was 18 I went to the doctor and he said its nothingit will go away.But by the time I was 22 it never went.Now even today I had shown to an endocro..and he said it looks like pseudo not a true gynecomastia..He adviced me that Im too fat as i have love handle and a pot belly.He has asked me to go for vigrous excercise in gym!

I asked him about DTH gel which I read then he said it wont be available here in India.And he said that applying DTH gel will lower androgen level,as well it may not help in my case if its not a true gyneo..

My question to people:
Shall I purchase that gel? will it help me to reduce the size? and will it hamper my androgen level?(does this mean i will become femine?)

or just work out and wait for next 3 months and see the results.
my pics at:
(dont get afriad by seeing my pics im too hairy)
pls help me people..

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So-called pseudo gyne is a term used to refer to breast tissue that is composed of fat and not gland, the effect on the poor bloke who has it is the same regardless however  and i would say that you have a fairly pronounced case of gynecomastia (woman like breast), though its not too bad in the photo with your shirt on as you have a stocky body shape.

Dieting will help though probably not solve the problem. As for the gel... if you really cannot afford surgery then it might be worth a try. Sounds to me like youve already been mucked around with hormones enough though.

I dont know much about the gel except that your only supposed to use it for a short length of time and I havent encountered anyone on this board or elsewhere who has really recommened it. Its a lovely idea, put this stuff on and guyne goes away, but i think if it really did work then youd be hearing of it everywhere. I was thinking of ordering some from the internet when i was at my 'clutching at straws' phase.

There was a guy here who was using it every day and posting a diary but i dont know what happened to him, might be worth asking around.

Good luck. ;)
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  • there is hope.
bhai aap kaha se ho? mumbai aur delhi mein bahaut acche plastic surgeon hai..

surgery mein koi diquat nahi hai, procedures are safe - and price is modest in india..

check out Dr.Dhami/Dr.Daver in mumbai.


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