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Right for you post op peeps or folk who wear compression vests pre op. Did anyone find that the vests lost it's snug fit after a few weeks and is there any way to shrink  them (without ruining) back to size again?

Any input would be great thanks

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I too hvae found that the vest isn't quite as snug, and not as annoying.

After 20 minutes in the dryer, it does shrink a bit, but it goes back to its previous size within a day.


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Hiya, i too thought about bunging it into the dryer but it states not to do so, it actually says to dry naturally then stick in fridge for 30 Min's in order to reconstruct fibres but it makes no difference.

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I have 7 days with my vest and it's still snug as ever! haha ... would be nice for it to loosen up a bit :P


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