Author Topic: Which surgical facility is better? Doctor own vs 3rd party surgical center?  (Read 1574 times)

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I am looking are 2 doctors right now and one doctor has his own surgical facility which he owns with a partner doctor while the other doctor seem to schedule appointment and rent by the hour/procedure,etc.. from a surgical center which is setup for a lot of different things.  

Which one of these two methods would be better or what does it say about the doctor?

Would the doctor who own his own surgical center imply that he has a lot more business and experience to justify such an expense?

Kind of like a business which own their own computers, copier machines, fax machines, etc.. vs someone who go to Kinko's to use equipment and rents a secretary from a 3rd party service?  That may not be a fair comparison.

Thanks for your help.

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Either situation is fine, provided that the physician-owned surgery center or suite is accredited.  Unfortunately, at least here in Florida, there is no strict regulation of doctors operating in their offices.  A legitimate surgery suite or operating room in a surgeon's office that IS accredited has passed rigid standards and is inspected annually by an organization like AAAASF. 

Whether a plastic surgeon owns his operating suite or takes patients to a free-standing surgery center is immaterial, as long as the center is accredited.  His choice is really no reflection on his ability as a surgeon.  A former partner of mine uses free-standing surgery centers as well as my operating suite, and he's an excellent surgeon - he just doesn't want to build his own place.

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