Author Topic: Does the tape measure lie?  (Read 1566 times)

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Funny thing here.  I was just about to hunt down this thread.. Sophie beat me to it..

This am, I measured as usual and I have now hit day 3 of consecutively 50 inches at the bust. 

Another few months and I will probably have to start getting a larger cub size.

Sophie .... very interesting article.   

I've read about that before, but good info!

prob. explains my chocolaty sweet tooth!!! 


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I am 35.25 under and 38.5 over. I never did much deep diving but to my understanding each inch beyond the under bust is a cup size. 36.25 a cup 37.25 b cup 38.25 c cup. A 36in band is comfortable but not fitting. 34in band is a little snug but feels better. And my cups are more secure and less space by far. I have 34c cup bras that I fit but have space in and have 34b bras that fit beautifully and others that I spill out of. Same style bra different brands. I think the tape measure is a good director of what to shop for and the rest is just trial and error of finding the best brand band cup and such for your specific body. 
I know this is why professional fittings in any area is recommended but I personally find if one has 10-15 min warranted to a fitting room and can grab a few preferred bras in various sizes they can find the brand and fit that is best for them. The tape measure is wonderful to guide what to look for but I’ve found it’s a starting point to find the right bra not and marks the spot for a grab and go to trust as a right fit. 


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