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Well it has been 10 days for me since my surgery w/ Dr. Fielding. I had a particularly large sized boobs, not sure what they were in bra sizes but they were bigger than a small-breasted woman, and in Fielding's words, 'impressive'.

10 days after the operation, my left side is noticeably larger than my right, which is satisfyingly flat. I'm still wearing the tensor though ive now added the underworks 990 vest on top for added compression. But i can't shake the sinking feeling that this won't change. The left side while nothing like it used to be, now sort of sticks out and there is some hard stuff in there.

I know sometimes with these surgeries its hard to predict how it will look, how much swelling there will be, how much drainage, scar tissue, etc etc, and that you have to wait sometimes a full year before all the 'goodies' settle down enough to take proper stock.

Did any of you who had the surgery have this problem? Did it resolve itself?


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Hey Tim,

I haven't had surgery yet so I really can't speak from experience.   However if you have concerns maybe contact one of the nurses at Dr. Feildings'.  I'm pretty sure it takes some time to settle so don't get worked up about it.

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Yeah, I have a similar problem. I had a mild case of gyne prior to surgery, but both sides were pretty much the same. But now I'm 3 months post operation and it seems like one side is flat (and kind of dead by the looks of this darker nipple) while the other sort of protrudes a bit. Seems like there was sufficient gland tissue taken out on both sides, but there seems to be a little bit of fat still present on the right side. Could be worse, but still, if it's uneven it's uneven- so it's somewhat of a let down. I'm going to see Fielding next monday and he'll probably just tell me to wait it out while diet ing and exercising to help the skin tightening process.
Even if it doesn't fix itself I doubt I go through the surgery again.

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tim, you are merely 10 days post-op.. trust me, the first month is the hardest part of surgery.. simply because some days it looks better than others, and it's just an emotioal rollercoaster.

as bambu told me, just try and hang in there man.
you're 10 days post op.. that's not even 2 weeks. you cannot pass judgement before 4 months..

all i call tell you is,
be patient..

easier said than done.
and in the golden words of bob marley.

"everything's gonna be alright" ;)

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ok, thanks all, im prepared to wait the six months to a year for things to properly settle in there. ive got some weight to lose on the rest of me so im anxious for the general soreness to go away so i can start in on exercise.

i went for a second post-op yesterday and it turned out the left side had a hematoma, which is a swelled area that has refilled with blood and tissue - so Fielding then and there stuck some freezing in it and drained it flat, definitely a bizarre feeling that was.

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Tim_ take a look at Blitz' post under User Diaries.  I'd say he pretty much experienced what you have right now - swelling on one side.  I think he's at the 4 month mark right now and he sees great improvement.  So don't obsess over it and go about your regular routine - you will be fine in a short time.


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