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So part of my post op instructions are to get significant amount of sun on my scars. I was instructed to go at least 3 times to get sun directly on the incisions. I was just curious to know how common it was among others who have gotten surgery to do this? Do other doctors on this board recommend doing the same thing? I am just curious.

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Any sun exposure on a fresh scar will keep it redder and for a longer period of time.

I specifically instruct my patient to use sunblock on the small scars on the side of the chest -- this allows them to fade more quickly.

I have never recommended sunlight on a scar, but perhaps your surgeon thinks that sunlight on a peri-areolar scar could make it red, which might help it blend in better.  You should talk to him about his rationale for the recommendation.

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I have been told by my surgeon to stay away from direct sunlight.  If I must go under sun, I should use tons of high SPF sunblock and I need to minimize the exposure duration.


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I should also mention, he didn't say to get exposure right after surgery. He wanted me to wait a few months and then do so. I am 4 months post op now so it is about time I go and do it.


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