Author Topic: What type of Gyno do i have(severe) and type of surgery needed (Mumbai-India)?  (Read 1421 times)

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Hi All,

I want to understand what type of Gyne do I have and type of surgery needed for the same?
Also please let me know what kind of complications and side-effects I must be prepared for..

Some details about me include:

Age: 25-30
Weight: 70 Kg
Height: 5' 6(1/2)"
Location: Mumbai
No smoking/drinking

I was quite skinny till the age of 7 yrs. To improve my physique, was given some ayurvedic supplements to eat. Stopped eating them at the age of 10 as i grew pretty fat. Since then I've developed the Gyne problem and I think this problem aggravated during my puberty. At first I thought it is just normal fat but later understood and started accepting that I'd have to live with it. But now would like to get rid of it.

Please let me know and suggest good doctors for the same.
I've read about Dr. Sandip Jain, Dr. Ramachandran, Dr.Ananteshwar on the forum. I would prefer surgery in Mumbai but if need be, ready to have surgery anywhere in India


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