Author Topic: Gynecomastia Surgery with Dr. Cruise in Newport Beach, Changed My Life!  (Read 2848 times)

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Gynecomastia Surgery with Dr. Cruise in Newport Beach, Changed My Life!

My decision to get the surgery for gynecomastia was sudden. I figured, (in my mind) -“Well I spent over 13 years slaving at gyms, doing bench presses, incline presses, decline presses, butterflies, running, and etc. All that crazy exercising is just so you can get rid of this embarrassing problem and you know it won’t work. You’ll probably just injure yourself in the process buddy. What are you waiting for? Just get the surgery man!” Now that’s inner monologue. ;)

Don’t get me wrong though, I had awesome results all over the rest of my body but where I really wanted the improvement was on my chest. Resolving the issue with exercise just wasn’t going to work. I’m not a vain guy in the least bit but I absolutely hated to see my gynecomastia after all the hard work I put in. Beaten up from the car accident was bad enough but it made me realize that going to the gym in that injured state was extremely dangerous and I had to take a break. Unfortunately, I also knew that it would make the problem with my gynecomastia worse. I thought about having the procedure done since I was 16 but the problem was I couldn't get over my own personal feeling of humiliation of trying to talk about it openly. I’m 29 years old and after having this surgery I feel like I should have done this a long long time ago. Haha it’s ok though. :) The benefit of waiting was that when I did decide to have the surgery, I just so happened to live in an area that had one of the most talented plastic surgeons in the world. He’s rated #1 for gynecomastia procedures for a reason. I’m extremely lucky to have had Dr. Dr. Cruise perform my surgery. He is excellent. I really can’t say enough good things about the guy. He’s awesome. In detail; he’s sharp, he knows exactly what he’s talking about, he’s direct, makes great eye contact when communicating, and while performing my procedure he kept me completely calm.

 I was awake for the procedure but I’m not going to lie I took like 5-6 Xanax. It really did the trick but it also turned me into a jabbering chatter box. ;) I was talking and relaxing while he was removing the tissue and at some point I think I actually fell asleep. Hahaha ;) You can’t even tell what’s going on so there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just the idea that scared me before but after I realized just how comfortable I was it’s safe to say I was scared of nothing. The scars that are supposedly there don’t exist! You can’t see them. The incisions were done so well it healed perfectly. I’ve had other surgeons leave some huge scars but his work is impeccable. The incisions were extremely well done. Thank you Dr. Cruise you're the man!

Cristin is the Patient Care Coordinator and she really knows how to treat people with care and respect in a sensitive situation such as this. She made me feel so relaxed that I finally realized that there was no reason to feel humiliated. People like me are everywhere and I’m sure they all want the procedure done just as much as I did. If all of them could take a minute and sit down with Cristin many more would feel just as confident about the decision as I did. She’s honest, thorough, very friendly, patient, and a great listener. She really keeps you in the know about everything that’s going on and what the steps are. Everything was explained very well and it took all the stress out of the process. She emailed me to remind me of future appointments and called just to see how everything was going. That's awesome care and I loved that. Thank you Crisitin!!

Jessica is the Patient Concierge and a fantastic nurse/medical assistant. She’s great with people and absolutely knows her stuff. Having multiple visits to the Cruise Office was an absolute pleasure. Mainly for the fact she really knows how to make you feel at home, comfortable, and at no point do you feel like a patient coming in for a routine visit. She’s genuinely fun to talk to and she has a great attitude that’s truly hard to match. She is very smart and always upbeat. I couldn’t have had a better experience. To be honest I’m a wimp when it comes to removing surgical tape but she’s amazingly gentle about it. I couldn't even tell that she was removing them, despite me being a baby and keeping my eyes shut, I didn't feel a thing. ;) Most doctors after the car accident were barbaric when they removed my bandages, but she did it with grace. I really appreciated that. When I tried doing it myself at home I kept thinking, man I wish Jessica could do this. Hahaha ;) Not sure what her trick is but she knows it and does superbly. Thank you Jessica!!

Not to write a novel but after the surgery I noticed that all those awesome shirts that I bought at the store some months or even years ago and never used were due to the fact that at the store it looked great but at home I’d realize, “Oh no it’s not really covering it up.” Now all those shirts look like money. I feel great and extremely confident. I don’t mind taking pot shots at myself but I used to drink at the bar to get liquid courage to talk with the ladies mainly because I was a little self-conscious of my gynecomastia. Now I wear a single dress shirt that’s slightly unbuttoned with my chest exposed and I feel like a million bucks. I stopped drinking for two months, I quit smoking cigarettes completely, and I actually don’t need the liquid courage anymore. Not that I don’t drink at all anymore but I obviously don’t feel self-conscious anymore. I’ll also admit that girls have been paying way more attention. A guy with confidence is attractive and especially when he’s not tipsy. This surgery changed my life. I’m healthier, happier, more confident, and looking damn good. Hahaha ok that was vain. Plastic surgery is the real answer for gynecomastia, it can really change your whole perspective and as you may already know you only live once. Live your life by your terms and if you get the procedure, have it done at Cruise Plastic Surgery. It will change your life, I promise you. Thank you all again.

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Re: Gynecomastia Surgery with Dr. Cruise in Newport Beach, Changed My Life!

It is not uncommon to hear from men who describe their surgery as being "liberating."

The only negative thing is that this is your first post. That means that you have not had the support of this site as you prepared for surgery.

Anyone lurking out there, sign in and say something. The only truly stupid questions are those not asked.
Grandpa Dan

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Re: Gynecomastia Surgery with Dr. Cruise in Newport Beach, Changed My Life!
Maybe Dr. Cruise can be invited to join this site as a featured doctor. I saw his website and he seem to know what he is talking about. He talks about the crater deformity and what steps he takes to prevent it,etc.. Has some good illustrations on the website as well.

I am going to have to research him some more.


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