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I thought I would share this newspaper article from the UK. 
I know this is an example from the slightly extreme example of "prescription bras " in sport, but there is a great and  underlying  message that if you are considering getting into bra wearing there is really great benefit in getting yourself properly measured!

Having gone down that route myself, I fully endorse this

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It all boils down to what I was taught growing up. "Right tool for the right job." IF the tool isn't sized right, like a larger hammer than what is needed for job x, the more fatigue. An oversized wrench may work in a pinch but may round the bolt head, nut, or the wrench in the process. 

If one is fuller busted, or doing higher impact activity, the support level needs to be adjusted from something one would wear for a leisure walk. For those that are not as developed, this may still be the case. Depending on comfort level for any shape, the right tool will give the right support.

It seems that the article's intent is aimed toward lowering the huge percentage of women wearing the incorrect support, for whatever reason. With all of the misinformed, uninformed, and those ingrained with the idea that I am always an x cup, I hope that the percentage can be reduced, and that all of those that feel the need to wear can do so comfortably.

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A good reason to go in for a bra fitting 


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