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I am a few months into testosterone therapy and have developed gyno on one side of my chest. I had a mamogram to cofirm. Blood tests show estrogen levels in normal range. Doctor says that by using an anti-aromatse this could cancel out the effect of the testosterone. I have seen many supplements on the market as anti-estrogens. Should I try these products even if estrogen is not elevated? Anyone have any feedback? Thanks!

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I hope you are taking testosterone under the strict supervision of an endocrinologist.  The endocrine system is too delicate to play with on your own. Indeed, even with an endocrinologist, the amount of medication will have to be adjusted periodically.

If you have developed gyne while taking testosterone, then more than likely, whatever gyne you have will remain (you will probably require surgery to remove it).  You might consider an aromatase inhibiter -- but then again, strong recommendation is to do so under an endo's supervision.  I would not fool with supplements, OTC's etc.

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