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So my doctor recently gave me a referral to plastic surgery in SoCal Kaiser. I was seeing him due to tenderness and pain and as well as having enlarged breast tissue. 

I saw a surgeon in the Ontario location and the surgeon was not enthusiastic about performing this surgery and made it clear that he would be doing as little as possible and would not change the way my chest looks. This really bummed me out because if I am going to go through surgery, I want all thy gyno and most of the fat out. It doesn't have to be perfect, but a reduction would be nice.

I would like to find a surgeon who will remove the gland and lipo the fat to make the chest look good.

Has anyone had any prior experiences with plastic surgeons in Southern California Kaiser? I'm willing to drive anywhere in the SoCal to find a good provider.    

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Hello jon.smith

I was wondering if you could tell me the name of you doctor that did your surgery? I also live in the Ontario, CA area and looking to have Kaiser also do my surgery. Thank you

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I had my surgery with Dr. Resch at Kaiser Fontana. She was very understanding and said that she recommended Vaser Lipo in addition with the gland excision. 

However, after the surgery, there really wasn't much difference. Honestly, your best option is to find a cosmetic surgeon. I was dissappointed afterwards. A lot more could have been done. These doctors that your insurance work for are very conservative and look to make minimal improvement to be safe.  

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Your last sentence These doctors that your insurance work for are very conservative and look to make minimal improvement to be safe sums it up very nicely.  Many surgeons are not comfortable doing gyne surgery and are content to do just a little improvement.  That is NOT what most guys want, however.  Most guys want to get rid of all their excess tissue and to have a taut, trim masculine chest which will allow their carefully developed pecs to be seen.

This is simply an illustration that one should do one's homework and find a gyne expert in your area or consider traveling for such expertise.  It might save you some disappointment in the future.

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Most insurance plans and systems like Kaiser won't touch gyne, which they consider cosmetic, even if it causes pain. I can say from experience that mine has caused pain and discomfort for many years, and I was rejected by my plan, even after pursuing an appeal up through the state insurance commissioner, and then I gave up. I have often thought that if you, a male, say that you identify as a female with breasts who identifies as a male, they would remove them in a heartbeat. 


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