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Title: new to forum
Post by: SPECIMEN040180 on September 03, 2005, 08:47:33 PM
hi everyone!
im new to the forum , i couldnt even imagine there was a forum for people like me (like us) this is cool!
i  discovered that what i have its called  gynecomastia   probably 2 years ago , i always thought   they were just "man boobs" from being too lazy to work out. i was always told by my family and  my doctor during my teens that they would just "melt" as i grow... sure!
im 25 yrs old,  and  ive had gyno  ever since i can remember,  thankfully my gyno is not saggy  or too soft, its kinda weird ,since i can feel some kind of  hard  tissue  behind my nipples/aureola , at some point i thought i had  tumors or something ,and i still wonder what it is,  my other problem is that my aureolas are  pouffy and  large(i guess due to the hard tissue behind  it), but the nipple its normal. this is rather embarrassing...  everyday to go to work and school  i stimulate my nipples  so  the pouffy aureolas  shrink and  tape em(just the aureola area) with electrical tape...  i wonder if im alone  at doing this "WEIRD  stuff"?
i want to have the surgery  , but i cant afford it now(school,car,rent,etc), so i have to live with it for now... embarrassing but what else can i do , at least when taped and with a shirt they look like big hard pecs (yeah right i wish they really were  like that for real)
and i rarely wear t shirts or  polo shirts , button down shirts  disguise it a lot better ,esp if double pocket  with flaps.(not easy to find shirts like that that look cool)
i have heard some of you here talk about  hard and soft tissue, id like to learn a bit more about that , i have  some minor  soft tissue over my  pectorals (the muscle itself is big but that doesnt bother me) its the pouffyness  what embarras me a lot,theyre like  golf balls or something. anyone like this?

im 6' tall 180 ,  i have a big built , so im not really overweight,  so it really bothers me to have this. i was an overweight kid and teen ,  when i graduated high school i lost the weight ,they  went down a bit in  size, but theyre still there!  i starved myself thinking it  was the solution... didnt worked i  was 163 pounds and still  had those strange  hard "balls"  under my  nipples,did hundreds of push ups ,  they looked better , but still not "normal".

well, at least now i can talk to others about this that actually have it and understand me.
  im really looking forward  to talk with you guys about this.
excuse my english , its not my first language(its spanish )
 bye for now!
Title: Re: new to forum
Post by: nothingworse on September 03, 2005, 10:57:42 PM
Welcome to the board. What you have is glandular gynecomastia. Which is true gynecomastia. It can not be rid of with diet or excercise. You definetely won't grow out of having gyne. Well you said you didn't have the money for surgery yet. So here is a better temporary solution until you can get your surgery. Go to and order a #993 or a #997 compression vest. It will compress your chest and it will be a temporary solution to your problem. You probably have a little bit of fat mixed in with your glandular gyne as well. This glandular gyne causes your nipples to be larger or puffy. Usually the ridance of the gland will cause your nipples to return to normal and not be puffy. Surgery is pretty much your only answer in your case. But, before you go to get surgery you want to go to an endo to get your hormones and blood levels checked so you are sure everything going on in your body is normal. That will help you make sure that the gyne won't come back. Because if something was seriously wrong which is slightly possible the gyne could grow back. Go see an endo first and then set up a consulatation with a Plastic Surgeon skilled in the area of Gynecomastia when you make the decision to have surgery. Some plastic surgeons do free consultations and there should be a skilled surgeon in your area or we could help direct to you to one. But, for the temporary fix get a compression vest. I did and I am glad I did. Hope I was of some help to you. I wish you the best of luck with things and hopefully you can get your surgery soon. Sorry this gyne has affected your life as well.
Title: Re: new to forum
Post by: SPECIMEN040180 on September 04, 2005, 03:02:56 PM
hi nothingworse . thanks for your reply.
yes ,at this point  and at my age  i know they wont just dissapear,  maybe the small bit of soft tissue will go away with excersise  , but im SURE  the hard  tissue wont go away,theyre glands not fat.
i  agree that surgery is the only solution  with my case.
i have    worn  "compression" vests made by myself , sicne normal stores  never had stufff that  worked.   they worked, but they were unconfortable, and i moved like mr roboto....  the only thing i hate about my chest is the projection of the aureola, so binding  makes me feel very comfortable (mentally)
i didnt knew  this vests were made,  and i didnt knew   ps oferred free consultations, this  has helped ,thanks!
Title: Re: new to forum
Post by: Paa_Paw on September 08, 2005, 04:45:34 PM

We are all in the same boat here.

When I was 12 years old, my Mother teased that if they got any bigger, She'd have to put me in a bra.  That was in 1949.   The surgery which is now commonly used to reduce men's breasts was  developed many years later so I still have them now at the age of 68.

We are in the majority.  About 2/3 of all boys develop Gynecomastia in early puberty.  It is said that the breasts degrade in 90% (I think this number is estimated too high) of the boys.  This would mean that 6-7% of adult males have Gynecomastia.  Actually the number is again close to 2/3 of all adult males.  

Gynecomastia is harmless physically, but it often has severe emotional effects.  
Title: Re: new to forum
Post by: SPECIMEN040180 on September 09, 2005, 04:09:08 AM
hey paa_paw
yeah ,its much more  about how you feel about yourself,  than what others think , people rarely stare or notice it, but it still bothers me and i think about it   at least several times a day. gyno can be acceptable on people that are overweight, but im on the right weight and it feels like my chest doesnt belong to me, like it was misplaced or something.
Title: Re: new to forum
Post by: Grandpa Bambu on September 09, 2005, 09:29:00 AM
Gyno can be acceptable on people that are overweight, but im on the right weight and it feels like my chest doesnt belong to me, like it was misplaced or something.

Know what you mean there Dude! I'm 6' and 203# right now. I dropped my weight down to 148# :o about 15 years ago in an effort to get rid of my Gyne. I was a skinny dude at 148 pounds! A skinny guy with Gyne looks downright odd. Looks more acceptable when U're a little bit over-weight.

Dr. Fielding told me that the majority of his Gyne patients on average 6' plus and a tad overweight. The majority of guys on this Site are 6' plus.... Interesting huh?

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