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ive made the appoitment to see the plastic surgeon, im fealing a bit nervous as to what happens if they darn up and if  im not happy with the end result.

spose i can only find out and see as to what happens, any post ops around that can tell me there experience

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Any surgery has it's risks. Sure, there have been some bad work done and one or two 'botch' jobs. I've seen pics of some pretty bad work. However, the majority of cases have resulted in successful proceedures. If you have Gyne and it bothers U, I feel that the risks out weigh the psychological pain and suffering that we have to endure.

You must choose your PS carefully. Make sure that he/she has done many Gyne removal/reductions and ask to see before and after pics of prior patients.

Also, you need to have 'realistic expectations' of surgery. You will not achieve a perfect chest. As if U never had Gyne at all. There most likely will be some irregularities. U should go into surgery aiming for an 'improvement' of the condition. All I wanted was to be able to wear a t-shirt with out being stared at and or teased about my Gyne. I feel that I have achieved that, so I'm a very happy camper.

I was nervous the day and night prior to surgery. Not for the outcome but more so the fact that I was having surgery. I was very confident with Dr. Fielding as his credentials were/are awesome! JCF.....  HE-DA-MAN!

Who is the PS that U made an appointment with?

Later my man...

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