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I think your friend who poked your boob was very considerate.  I hope you confide in her now.  I am not clear if your wife and daughter know you wear a bra at times, do they?  They certainly know you have breasts if you are approaching a C cup!

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Ehhh they don’t know and I’m pretty muscular I don’t think they stand out as much as they may seem. If I Google image b cup breasts they certainly don’t look like that lol but the volume and projection is quite there for sure but I just don’t think anyone is looking at it for that like that so it probably goes under the radar. And no I don’t confide in anyone. I’m not the kinda guy that’s gonna openly talk about my developments with people I personally know lol. Kudos to those who can but nah on my side rather just let it be kept a personal thing for me.
I think when we look down our breasts seem quite large to us. But when being looked at from across the room they are not seen as large. Just my observation.
My wife was shocked that I was unaware that it is time for another fitting as my C's are not holding up or in any more. I have noticed how tight my bras and shirts have been in the last few weeks. So we both are going in for a fitting in 33 days, after I retire. I've been wearing a bra for over 10 years and panties for over 15 years due to problems with my testicles. As far as I know none of my kids know, but if they did they would never ask.
Life is too short to worry about being judged by people that we would never take advice from anyway.

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And when I got home and did the scoop and swoop I was a bit taken back that a 34B bra fit me well and not just well but almost filled the cups. 
You never forget when you try on a bra for the first time out of curiosity only to realize how well you actually fit into one. It's a turning point to see for the first time your breasts fitting into the bra cups much like a woman's. By the time you have gone as far as trying on a bra there is already a degree of acceptance and realization.
If the bra fits, wear it.

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As I’ve mentioned a number of times before, I started developing breasts at 10-11 years old.  It caused a lot of confusion to me when I had male genitalia and developing breasts that was a female thing.   When I was 12 years old when no one was home, I went into my sisters room and tried on a couple of her bras.  They fit perfectly and I like the way they looked on me.   So I did that off and on for a couple of years.  

Fast forward 30 plus years and with inspiration from this forum, I decided that wearing a bra is something that I wanted to do.  I told my wife what I needed to do and why.   She understood and said she didn’t mind.  I made an appointment for a fitting and the experience was a great one.  The fitter was amazing.  She made great suggestions, very honest and showed me styles of bras that would work for me.   It gave me a lot of confidence in my appearance and ability to shop for my own bras.

Today, I can walk into any store, any time of the day, no matter how many people are in the store and shop for a bra.  I have no problem telling the saleswoman that I’m looking for bras and they are for me, taking them off the rack and carrying them to the change room to try on.  It’s no big deal now.

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I am soooo happy 😊for you! That's the way it should be! Yes, bras are still marketed towards women but, we don't hold exclusive rights on them. They are sold in lingerie boutiques and in the ladies side of the clothing stores but I have never come across any signs that say "Men Keep Out". I was never turned away as a man and now, as a woman, I absolutely encourage men who need or want to wear a bra to be fitted in the changing room next to mine and have your breasts supported, shaped and comfortable in any bra that you like.
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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CuriousK, that is 100% wonderful and inspirational 


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