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Hello guys.

I started this new topic to know & share about how often u guy have sex. Is sex life isn't affected by gyne ? 

My sex life is not so much. Living alone with this don't have the life. More over my mind is not so good with the sex thought. Earlier i had healthy sex life. My breasts were not to big  as of now & wont intrupt the flow.

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I'm not in a relationship so sharing sexual intimacy with someone isn't part of my experience, but I certainly am aware that my libido is much diminished as I get older.  Since my breasts have been growing at the same time, I've little doubt that hormones are in flux.  Lower testosterone and higher estrogen which is associated with gynecomastia is definitely at play here.  Were I in a relationship I'd likely be more concerned about diminishing ardor but to a certain extent, not being driven by my libido is a good thing.  I'm not fighting the situation by trying to raise my testosterone levels.  At the same time, I'm not trying to raise estrogen to increase the size of my breasts... as some men do.  I'm playing the cards dealt to me by mother nature... so here I am with a reduced sex drive and breasts I find quite enticing.  Go figure...


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