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That's great Hammer! Congratulations!

I know that when I lost 40 pounds, I went down 2 pants sizes. In mens sizes I went from a 38 to a 34, in my women's jeans, I was a 16 and I now wear a 12. Because of my hips and bottom womens jeans fit much better.

I also lost a band size in my bras. Like you, I spend $75-100 a piece for my bras. However,  I lost little to no cup volume. My sister took took up on the bands and viola, I could wear them again. So don't throw away a $100 bra. Find a seamstress and have her take the band in and save a few dollars.

Finding a seamstress is a great idea, thanks!

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I recently found this site with some helpful information:
I ordered one of the recommended bras from there last week. Should arrive soon. I'm hoping it will stop jiggle in sports and not show in my taekwondo uniform. I'm not ready to 'go public' yet.

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>>SNIP<< At $75-$100.00 per bra >>SNIP<<
WOW!!! I feel guilty spending more than $25-$35 (not cast in stone) on brands I know look and fit right by Victoria's secret, Heidi Klum,  Savage x Fenty, or Claudette Dessous on Ebay. 

If I may ask, what does a $100 bra look and feel like? 


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