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I had gynecomastia surgery 4 weeks ago. This involved gland excision and some vaser liposuction.  

At around 2.5 weeks I started developing internal scar tissue. I now have a horizontal indent along my chest right under the left nipple. My nipple on this side is also puffy and is sticking out when I wear T-shirts again. I sent photos to my surgeon's assistant and she said it was scar tissue. I'm really tired and unhappy because of this. I was so happy 3 days post-op. 

Could someone please shine some light on the prognosis of the scar tissue? Does the body break it down? Will the stretched out nipple go back to normal? Does massaging actually help? Injections? 

Thank you.

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Four weeks is the early post-op period and is too early to determine the outcome. Once the compression garment is removed the swelling is prominent for a while. So patients are important for a few months. Good luck
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Scar tissue definitely forms and in general gets a bit worse for the first six weeks. Then it starts to loosen and thin out. I instruct my patients on deep tissue massage which I think helps considerably but check with your own surgeon first. Four weeks is too soon to draw conclusions on the final appearance. Hang in there and give it 3-6 months.
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