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I've just had my gynecomastia surgery done in Poland, it was done through the technique where you cut a half circle on the nipple and take the gyno out. However, I have not received my compression vest as the doctor said its quite hot so it might not be needed and he will check today when he takes out the leak tube, however he never did that and a nurse did it instead. I only have a pad on it with tape holding it in place, I have to come back in 3 days to get stiches out etc. Is it normal not to get a vest? Should I buy one anyway or listen to my surgeon?
(I'm 16 and had gyno only on my right side)
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As I didn't have the experience at the time of your question, I couldn't answer it and am sorry that others haven't. I had my surgery after you and did buy a compression vest at the clinic that I wore the first four weeks, but I now swapped it for my old one again.

Personally I don't understand how the heat and not wearing a compression vest are related. My understanding is that the compression vest help keep things into place, prevent tearing of the fresh wounds, and encouraging the body to move fluids away. So this is why I would have recommended you to go for a compression vest in any case, had I had surgery earlier than you.

So based on my knowledge and from my experience, I hope you did get a compression vest? If not, I would be really interested in hearing about your experiences and how things went without wearing a compression vest at all!


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