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what clothes have you guys found to best conceal your gyne?  so far ive found that dark colored clothing and button-ups work fairly well... espeically if the gyne is mild.  any other ideas?

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Hockey Jerseys with huge team logos on the chest.

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Darker clothing definetely does the trick for me.

Stuff has to be baggy, stating the obvious I know.
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I believe that the shirts with stripes also work well.

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A big, thick, baggy button-down shirt with pockets and a very tight t-shirt underneath.  ;)

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I agree dark clothes are great, rugby shirts and also i have found that try and avoid lables around the chest area as it draws attention and they will be more interested in what the logo or picture shows etc.

If your going out then i would say a tshirt underneath an open casual shirt - gives you confidence on not being noticable and ideal for the summer as its not too 'wintery' looking.


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