Author Topic: Renuva injections for crater deformity  (Read 780 times)

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Has anyone had success with injecting Renuva for crater deformity?

When I flex my chest, the nipples sink in and it's clear there is a crater there. It's not horrible, or as bad as I've seen, but it's definitely noticeable, to the point where you can see it through a tight shirt if I was doing a bench press or something.

I did do a round of fat grafting several years ago, and most of that fat ended up taking, and there was just a lump of fat (possibly some dead fat) sitting there for a while, until I had several cortisone shots, and over time it's 90% gone. 

I don't want to go through fat grafting again, and would prefer something that is minimally invasive like Renuva.

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Sorry you haven't got any traction with this. Did you get pursue this further? Even if it could be used to temporarily show what might be possible with a fat graft i think it could have some utility. I was over-resected, and looking for a way out.

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I don't think you'll get anybody that's tried it because the sheer volume and sheer cost of what will be required (about 50ml, and it costs about $1000 USD per ml, which sounds about the same as any other filler).

At that volume you risk biofilm infections, because there's a huge surface area of dead filler material for infections to develop - if it was part of your body it'd be alive and your body will destroy any infection, but along the surface of the massive lump of filler, you'll likely run into trouble sooner or later, it may take a few years. That said, l'd still try it for crater scars if it were cheaper.


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