Author Topic: Do I have Klinefelters syndrome?  (Read 2455 times)

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How can you tell if you have it, i've checked web md and the symptoms were way to general. I posted some pictures on the photos section,11059.0.html

I'm 6'4 and 180lbs, do I have klines or just gyno?

also, as far as I know, theirs nothing wrong with my manhood
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Well, from the picture, u seem to have the wider hips, and the very full and flat hairline, and taller height all common with the syndrome. Google Klinefelter's syndrome and check out the images, it'll show u what those people tend to look like. If you don't have a lot of hair, like on ur chin and stuff, and have small testes, along with your obvious gyno, then you may have it... If it doesn't seem to affect ur manhood then I suppose it wouldn't be a problem, if you did have it. Just keep on truckin'.
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I would tend to think not.

But, A trip to the Dr. should clear up the question easily enough.

To my eye, The little bit of chubbiness I see is above the natural waist rather than on the hips and the hairline could simply be a sign of your age.

The problem here is that you are dealing with the opinions of people who are for the most part not medical professionals. Which means that you should not give our opinions too much weight.

I think, and truly hope, that you have nothing to worry about. See the Dr. and be sure.
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