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If you don't really care then other people don't seem to care.  If they ask any questions just make a joke about it or just agree with them and be like..oh yeah, that is right.  The fat people at the pool like to wear white t's but honestly nobody really cares if they have boobes or not because either everybody is focused on doing there own thing and if they act like there is nothing "wrong" with them, which there is nothing wrong with having boobes, then nobody thinks twice about it.  Nobody looks perfect with a shirt on..some may be close...but it is often times the people that dont look perfect that will criticize or point out the characteristics in others to make themselves look better.  As for me, i have learned that people really dont care as much as you make it seem inside your head...the more people see your nipples or your man boobes the more people become familiar with them and the more fond of em.   Words of wisdom.  Peace

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Good Thinkin Thanks for Sharing  ;D

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I'd say your wrong tbh. If people see a skinny guy with breasts - they'll point and go 'hey look at that guy over there'. It's worse when girls do it.


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