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16th April : Day of surgery 

1) 5:30 am - arrived at Saifee Hospital. Filled out the admission form and and paid the deposit amount. 
2) 6:00 am - Taken to the Daycare room and assigned a bed. 
3) 7:00 am - Nurse comes to the room to shave chest + back. 
4) 7:30 am - I'm given a antibacterial soap and asked to take a shower. 
5) 8:00 am - Nurse gives the Operation Gown and asks me to wear just the gown and pyjamas. 
6) 8:15 am - Anesthetist comes to the room and I'm taken to the operating theater on a wheelchair.  
7) 8:30 am - Doctor meets me in the waiting room of the OT and does markings on my chest. He tells me the surgery will last for 2 hours. 
8) 8:40 am - I'm wheeled into the OT. The room is very cold. I can see Dr. Jain and the anesthetist along with other 4 to 5 people . An IV is connected and a mask is put over my nose. 2 or 3 breaths and I'm off to sleep. 
9) 10:45 am - I wake up in my daycare room bed and my mom is beside me. She told me the surgery went well. It takes time to recover from anaesthesia. you'll feel drowsy. 
10) 11:45 am - Dr Sandip Jain visits me and tells me everything went well. He said I will be discharged tomorrow. 
11) 4:00 pm - I'm allowed to drink water.  had some water and coconut water. At about 6pm, they gave me some clear soup. 
12) 8:00 pm - Nurse told me I can now get up and walk. I needed help to get off the bed and then I walked about slowly in the room. Drain pipes are connected which is quite uncomfortable.

17th April : 

10:00 am - Dr. Jain's assistant came to check on me and removed the drain pipes. I was then discharged. I got in a cab and went back home. 

For the next 3 days, I was at home, sleeping most of the time and walking around the house. I needed help to get off the bed and to lie down but other than that there was no pain. 

22nd April : 

No pain at all. Only the points where the drain pipes were inserted pain a little. 

I go to Dr. Jain's Clinic . My dressing is removed and I saw my chest for the first time. It has drastically reduced in size. Dr Jain then helped me wear the compression garment and asked me to wear it 24 hours for the next 1 month. 

29th April: 

There is no pain and I'm recovering fast. Stitches have almost healed now. There is some swelling but the doctor said that it will take 3 months for the final results to show. I'm wearing the compression garment 24x7. 

In summary, I'm very happy with my decision to get the surgery done. 

Total Surgery cost including 1 day in hospital and medicines: Rs. 1,10,000/- . Compression Garment : Rs 6,000/-. Total medicines and dressing cost : Rs 1,570/-. 


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