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yea im 18 turning 19 soon and i really want it gone. Just cant think of a way to bring it up to my parents. Maybe when i ahve a decent amount of money saved i will let them know.

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I would just send them an email or text first with a link to this video....

I would then talk with them afterwards.

Then I would move on with life

Mind you this is the acceptance board, not the surgery board.

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Basically my conversation with my parents was after a doctor appointment. When I stopped by their house for supper that night they asked me about the doctor appointment and told them how the doctor wanted me to get a  mammogram because of the Gynecomastia. I have to say the mammogram was a little strange, the only male there then when they sent the results getting a form letter that refers to me as Ms. even though I have a distinctively male name.

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I came home from the Docs, pretty angry. I think my anger at that time helped me just blurt out the truth.....

Mum: 'How's things?'

Me: 'Darning Hell, i've got low bone density'

Mum 'Why would you have that'

Me: 'I've got low test levels for my age is prob the cause'

Me: 'Errrrr. to be honest - thats what that (hosptial) letter was about. I've booked an operation & I need you to give me a lift please' ;D

Mum: 'What for'

Me: 'man boobs'

Mum: 'but your as flat anything !!'

Me: 'No im not, but I am an expert in hiding it. You are always commenting on the fact that I wear a fleece jacket to go running in summer, & that there is no need to wear a shirt over my t-shirt on this boiling hot day etc. This has knocked my confidence for a long time I want to feel OK to go around in just a t-shirt.'

Mum: 'can I tell my friend "xxxx" '

Me: 'no - thats the last darning thing I want & part of the reason I worry about telling you stuff'

Mum: 'so I can't even talk to your brother about this?'

Me: 'no. not yet'

Mum: 'ok' **cries** :-\

I then showed her the pics that I sent to the surgeon.

Its pretty surreal, but if I was younger I would just do whatever it takes to tell a parent. Even get a few beers down you if needed. whatever.


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