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What planet are you guys on???

I cannot believe that any girl you might seriously want for a lifetime companion would be so shallow as to reject you because of something so superficial and even trivial as gynecomastia.

What is going on between your ears is much more important than a bit of surplus tissue on your chest.

This makes no me...ive had girls tell me they loved me for who i am but leave me b/c of this hot guy then after he uses her b/c hes hot and cry on my shoulder. this makes the pain hurt so much more

i need a break for today...i cant read anymore.

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cant agree more with above post!
What about all the women ( & men) who love their partners even tho they have suffered terrible injuries or been afflicted with disease?
Ever see the movie "Shallow Hal"?
 Sorry, even as a guy with gynecomastia myself, it is not a life threatening condition ffs!
The media have a LOT to answer for these days. >:(

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You two need to sit back and read those posts again because I'm not sure if you took the time to read them before pressing post.

It's great that you two and many others have accepted your gynecomastia, however, MANY have not. It's more than a PHYSICAL's a mental one as well.

Being blunt like that isn't going to help may make them more depressed about their condition.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy hearing stories of acceptance. I'm just asking you guys who have accepted it already to watch what you say. Some words may be more harmful then helpful.

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IMHO the problem is not the girls but our own self-esteem. If WE don't accept us ourselves, how should girls do this? My wife and me, both of us, do suffer from chronic diseases. And we did suffer from them BEFORE our marriage. But we had enough self-esteem. So we got married nevertheless. For this reason I must agree with Maikeru and Jsboob: If a girl is such shallow to reject a man with gyne, she's not the one I'd marry. Period.

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I have in the past let my gyne hold me back you could say with girls, when I was a teenager girls seemed to love me even tho I was chubby for a few years of them and had gyne. But my self esteem led me to turn down the offers, I was afraid they just "couldn't see the real me" yet I guess. Big regrets I wish I could go back in time and change due to this damn gyne. I haven't exactly accepted my gyne yet but I do have more of a backbone now and if anyone gives me a problem about it that isn't my friend is gonna get an ass kicking because I know I am a good person and I deserve better than that, I have served 2 deployments for my country and I think that alone has to count for a little respect.
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