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   Yep I got made at the local steak house the other day.  The wife and I were enjoying a day off from watching our grand daughter and went to see if Paul Hogan was there.  As it was a late lunch 3 PM the place was not packed.  The waitress we had was a delightful young lady and she kept making we didn't go wanting.  She stopped by numerous time to check and toward the end of the meal she placed her hand on my shoulder on top of the bra strap several times.  I was wearing one of my cantaloupe bras and the sweatshirt I had on was rather form fitting, not tight but not my normal shirt that if I turn too fast the shirt doesn’t keep up. As we were paying the bill she gave me a smiling knowing look and winked.  For some reason I didn't feel intimidated by her look.


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Good for you! After all, if you got breast, the bra is just the thing to support them, right?

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I agree. People do not think that someone who is wearing some sort of support is doing so just to have support on their body. They are wearing the support for a need. I have had numerous people where I work (boiler engineer at a church as well as a computer tech), greet me with a pat on the back, a hug or just place their hand on my shoulder, and since I wear a sports bra almost constantly (not in the shower) for support, no one has said anything about it. They probably think it is just some sort of tee-shirt. At work I wear a semi-compressive sport bra but when I am out hiking I find a slightly padded lift sports bra to be very comfortable. The point is we are the ones with a need regardless of who we are and most people will understand.
 A good example of this is when I told my mother about my gyno. I was a nervous wreck but she was totally supportive (pun-intended), and was curious as to how I took care of them. She was very understanding of the whole event. People least most people.


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I have found that there are two reactions that you can expect from most people. Some will totally understand that if you need support it's up to you if you want to wear a bra, go for it, and the others could care less what you do! I have never had anyone give me a hard time about it.

Me being a 46H most say to me that "you haven't got much choice do you"?

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Agreed women are far more observant and will accept a man wearing a bra because he needs too

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I've been wearing a bra for most of my life.  I don't hide my bra or have any inhibition about wearing a bra. When I go bra shopping, it's for me. I recently moved into the world of G cups. My last bra was a Le Mystere 38G. The fitter knew it was for me because she measured me with a 38F I was wearing and brought out the G cups to start with. I ended up wearing it home
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.


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