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I’ve had gyno surgery 8 weeks ago and my chest looks really weird after, kind of regret doing the surgery but I thought it was a really minor surgery. 
 The surgeon said I could swim in the ocean and sunbath directly after taking off the bandage (72) hours post OP. 
 And he said most patients are happy with the results 4 days after surgery. I have it on mail.

Now, to the problem, the area around my nipples and my nipples are like what it feels like, stuck to the chest muscle. And totally flat.
 Asked my surgeon about this and sent him pictures but he said it will go away.

I have no trust in my surgeon any longer tho and want to seek help from a specialist. 

What do you think will this resolve itself? 
It is hard and some scaring around the nipple and I’m massaging a couple times a day, does not seem to help much tho been doing it for 3 weeks. 

Just wait or what is recommended?

PS. Tried to upload images for like 1 hour but obviously this page does not like Iphone pics, tried to compress them also but still no go..

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I know you posted this question a month ago at 8 weeks postop. Hopefully your condition is better by now. It does take at least 3 months to see the final result. Massage will help, and I know you've been doing this. You mention the nipple areolas are flat, so not concave?  Sounds like you have sufficient support. Just keep massaging. I give my patients an electric massager. Try to post some photos from a computer since your cell phone hasn't been successful here.

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