Author Topic: When Everyone Found Out I Was Trying To Hide It  (Read 8232 times)

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Hi.  I won't try to tell you the same old stories we all went through with teasing and embarrassment of shirtless activities in school.  All I will reveal is the terror that came with my junior year of high school.  I was embarrassed for quite some time, and my mentality of the situation with gyno was that I had to somehow cover it up.  I bought a few ace bandage-like brace wraps at the local med store, and began wearing it.  Before I would only wear sweaters, and really wanted to wear normal shirts, so I would wear it everyday.  Thinking I was totally hidden, I had a new sense of confidence.  That all went away very quickly.  First of all, when I would go out to dinner with my family, and give my aunts and uncles a hug, they would feel the brace behind me.  Soon family members became very distant, and when I did see them, would only give me half a hug to save both of us the embarrassment.  Then I started noticing family whom did not ever have problems hugging me begin to hug the same way, showing that the word within the family was spreading that I wore some kind of bra.  Then came high school.  One day, I was sitting with some friends, and a girl walked by.  She quickly pulled another girl aside when she saw me, and began motioning at her breats as she pointed to me, and I could hear her softly say the words "bra."  My heart sank.  Quickly school became utter terror.  The word spread, and both girls and guys were purposely touching my breast as I passed (even people I hardly knew) just to touch the wrap.  I would go home and cry, though usually I was pretty strong about it.  People thinking you are weairng a bra to hide your boobs is one of the low points in my life.  Soon everyone knew, and everywhere I go I was pointed at, and soon felt the need to stop wearing the wrap.  This didn't help me however, because people from this point on still thoght I wore it, even though it was only a 3 month phase of my life.  My only modivation for dealing with it was the support of my friends (I was known as the fat skater), who knew of the teasing but never made fun of me.  My friend who was skater was never embarrassed to hang out with me, and by senior year the talking stopped.  By this time, I was just excited to get out of that school, and the pain that came with it.
Hang in there, all.


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Sounds pretty rough.  I myself have never wore bandages, bras, or tape to conceal my gyne.  If people commented on my chest, I'd kick their ass, simple as that.  I have good friends that know I have gyne and don't care, because they are my real friends.  In my opinion, wearing a bra to conceal your gyne, unless it was a really really severe case, could only lead to negative things.

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"If people commented on my chest, I'd kick their ass, simple as that."

Man, I though you were a christian  ;)    
Hmm, yeah actually I also get quite angry when people make a comment or just LOOK at it and smile  >:(    

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When people commented on my chest, id just brush it off with some humor. Seemed to work for me at the time. But to be honest with you no matter what was said it was always uncomfortable for me...

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asymetrical gyne is a bitch.

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You need to talk to a Doctor. Cry in front of him if you have to. Explain how it effects your life. Tell him that story you just us.(insurance will probably cover it since you case effects you soo much)

Also you need to talk to your parents. They are the ones who will support you throughout the whole ordeal.
Its not that hard to do. I finally told my parents after 5 years of having it and hiding it. I told them in a humerous type of way. I explained to them why I had it (from asthma steroids) and they were very concerned.
I wish I would of told them earlier. Although the gyne didn't effect me as bad as most on here, it still did. I ignored it throughout high school, and built alot of muscle to compramise.

As you get older and maturer, you realize if something is bothering you, you have to do something about it.
Ignoring the problem makes you act like you have two personalities.
Sure, going to a Doctor about your "breasts" is humilating. I had nightmare for the first few days after I went. Extreame embarisment. But now, thats all over with, and I am on the road to having the surgery. (less than 25 days!) and I feel great, knowing this will be better. Not perfect, but better.

Remember, turn that fear and embarrisment into motivation. Talk to your parents, see the Doctor. Don't worry about what others will think of you. Think of yourself first!
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