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Hi, I'm 23 years old and I have had gynecomastia since middle school. Life isn't easy when you have a 24/7 job eluding people away from your less then flattering chest. To make it worse I grew up about five minutes away from the beach. What do you think kids from my area do on the weekend? It was like some kind of sick joke. I was never heavy, but I intentional grew a little belly to compensate for my chest. High school years were very interesting. I used to use painters tape as a girtle, erect my nipples everytime I took of my shirt (to make my nipples constrict and look smaller), and my posture was extremly bad. I was athletic and grew into my looks quite well, so I have had plently of uncomfortable sexual encounters. I'm sure you know the rest of this nightmare.  The funny thing about this medical condition is that it's not life threatning, so it's social exceptable to make fun of a person with it. I decided that I couldn't take it anymore. I reaserched and saved up for the surgery. It took me 3 years, however the visual cancer was removed just about a month ago. The results look fantastic. My chest is still in the compression suit, but I already have this burst of confidence I never felt before. I respect the men who stick with the condition. I wish I could be stronger and not chose cosmetic surgery. I can't wait to go to my childhood beach to see the old faces. For the first time the sight of shock in a persons face will be a good thing. The missing piece is in place. Good luck to all of you in your decisions.

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Congrats to you dude. Wish I could be in your place right now. Still saving money here... Although I didn't grow up around the beach, I always avoid situations where I even think I'll have to go swimming. And I've had tons of awkward sexual experiences, and I can rarely ever enjoy it because my mind is always somewhere else. This sucks. I just want to be a normal male. If it weren't for this one problem, I think I could feel good about my looks and I would probably be even more motivated to stay in shape. I work out a lot, but in the back of my head I'm always telling myself that it's a useless waste of time because my bitch breasts and puffy nips just ruin the whole package. Enjoy it man. To be able to walk around in the summer without multiple layers or a hoodie, that sounds like freedom.

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Amen Brother ! Hope you do well and keep moving forward.
When I see other people with this condition I want to tell them about this site but
don't have the guts to go up to them.

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  • Don't worry, be happy!
Wow, that is a powerful story right there.  I grew up on the beach as well and know what you mean.
At four weeks how are you doing and how is it looking?  How much longer do you think it will be before you are ready for the sun?
If the worst health issue you face is only an aesthetic one - remember it is just that. You can fix it with surgery, or hide it, or deal with it. The bottom line - we are all battling something that shouldn't stop us from missing out on life and living how we want to. Everyone should be so lucky!


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