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Hello,I am wafrederick and I am 26 years old I noticed I was developing breasts when I was 12 or 13 years old.My mom did notice I was developing breasts and took me to the doctor the next day.I was diagnosed with Gynecomastia and my mom did ask questions to my doctor about Gynecomastia.My mom and I  did research after I was diagnosed with Gynecomastia.I was teased about but the teasing stopped when my mother complained to the principal after she saw the pain I went through.Luckily I did have friends,male and female friends that helped me out.I was measured for my breast size since I was 14 years old and the measurement was a 38c when I was 18 years old and that has been my breast size since.I did start wearing bras since I was 18 years old and I still do.A female friend did help me out buying bras and she was a big help.I consisdered having the surgery 2 years ago but I read about the risks and I did not have the surgery.I am comfterble living with Gynecomastia and I have a very supportive wife after I told after I met her when I first met her 4 years ago

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Good for you.  

I know you mentioned you were a bit nervous about having surgery but just so you know, I had it last week and it was the best thing I ever did.  

But it's good to hear that you're ok with it and you have people around you who are supportive and couldn't care one way or the other.  

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what risks?

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There are always risks involved with surgery. There could be complications, an adverse reaction to the anesthetics or pain medications, and worst of all an undesirable outcome.

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Good for you.  Surgery could be really dicey anyway for someone who's breast are so large.  You might be stuck with a lot of loose or sagging skin.

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I'm extremely happy for you man....My chest isn't that big, it's only the nipple area..Wow, it's amazing how much some of these stories can help..Thanks everyone.  I'm NOT alone  :P


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