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what I'd like to know is if most insurance companies  list male breast reduction surgery in the "TERMS OF COVERAGE" booklet they give out to all members.  I've looked through mine and don't see any reference anywhere to male breast reduction surgery or gynecomastia.  the closest I could find was "mastectomy".  they appear to be referring to mastectomy for women when they mention it.   at first I though it would be a big negative (when an insurer does not mention male breast reduction surgery in there terms of coverage) now I am not sure.

is there anyone else out there whose insurance company addresses male breast reduction/gyne surgery in there "TERMS OF COVERAGE"? I am guessing that if supposedly 30% (not sure I believe that)  of all men get some gyne at some point in there life an insurer will NEVER say they will cover it IN WRITING!  they will either say , no we will not cover it, or they will not mention it at all (leaving it as a gray area).


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