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I know I have to wait a bit longer but I couldent help posting some pics, im about 4-5 months post-op and my left side is "kinda" healed but my right side is still puffing out a bit!

Has anyone expierence the same kinda thing? Im slightly worried I might need correction surgery and my positive thinking has now turned negative ... doh!

Left Side: Seems to be OK, but for some reason the outside ring of the white bit (the bit that shows when the nipple is relaxed) is pink, which means it looks like i have a really small white bit (nipple).

Right side: Still puffy, hopefully scar tissue.

Full chest view (showing Left side well)

Left Side

Right Side (the puffy side)

Any feedback or anyone with similar problems would be a plus!


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Your closeups are a little too extreme to be able to comment, could you take a picture from a little further away so that we can get a better view of the whole picture?

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Do a sideview picture, the we could see better
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Heres a sideview hopefully this is a bit better

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If there is any surgeon on this earth that would look at you and agree to do a revision surgery...they are nuts.  Everything looks amazing and honestly, I can't figure out why you would even think about correction surgery to begin with.

You have no reason to worry at all.

Get yourself ready to go out and show your skin some sun this summer as well!  8)
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Yeh I understand maybe im going overboard about my left side, and I dont want perfect at all. Actually im quite happy with non-perfect, but my right side still looks puffy like it did pre-op thats all :(

Maybe your right and I just need to chill out and calm down, healing takes time but its so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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