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I couldn’t refrain from shopping, so I bought myself two bras. It was action and good price and I was sorry to let go. The brand is Etam. The bras are very comfortable, but the size is different from other manufacturers. I bought a size 90B, but that size is actually smaller. I will not return the bras, but I will buy tape extensions. The baskets are very comfortable.

This bra is summer. Transparent lace. I don’t have a feeling it’s on me at all :)

For myself, I have really taken a liking to lace cup bras. They are so much more comfortable for the summer months.

That bra looks super comfy and good on you! If you are comfortable wearing it, then that really says it all. At one time, I used to worry that a bra looked too girly and frilly. A fitter had brought a lace cup bra for me to try on and it was a perfect fit. I was still presenting as a man and I asked " does it look to girly on me?" She said " its a bra, it's supposed to be girly, be comfortable even if its girly".
I have as well.  the comfort is amazing.  Support and thin with less fabric to trap heat is great.  
I must say it took a bit to warm up to this as an option.  Having once tried I'll never go back.  Well there is a time for everything.  I do have rather pronounced nipples but manage it.  The comfort and containment is amazing.  Sorry no pictures yet...some day I hope, but love the fit and comfort of this bra.  I have long gotten over the fact that it appears to  feminism however,  its for breast!
You look great.  Continue being you!

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The lace bra is surprisingly very comfortable. There is no wire nor is it padded. A simple "cloth" and breasts hold well.

At first, I had an aversion to bras. However, breasts are a characteristic of women, but my body has that characteristic that I did not want. In the end, I accepted it. Moreover, when I read here that my breasts are feminine, I experience it as a compliment. Because when I already have breasts, then I would like them to be what they are, feminine. And the bra then goes without saying :)

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For clarity, EUR 90B = US/UK 40B and AU/NZ 18B.

Passant, do you find the narrow shoulder straps uncomfortable? I prefer them much wider, both for comfort and for looks.
This brand has some weird qualification measures. It should be so, but it is not. It is much smaller and then you need an extension cord. This summer lace has a thinner ribbon, but is quite comfortable and soft. And this other normal bra has a band of normal width.

I'm happy to stand corrected on the sizing. I googled 'bra size comparison chart' and quoted what I found. It makes sense now though, 90cm = around 35", nowhere near 40".


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