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Gents, I can personally attest to Leading Lady bras. They are an online shop and have many styles of bras and bralettes in larger band sizes such as 42, 44, 46, and on up. And here is what is great. Many of these are available in A Cups. Most will know that finding a 44A or 46A in any store can be very difficult. I received two front closure, racerback, underwire bras in 44A. They fit well. They seem comfortable enough. (My first underwire so still getting used to them.) I was so happy I ordered a couple of their leisure/comfort bras. 

Plus meundies has some larger sizes.  I have ordered from them but not received them yet. 

Just so you know I am not shilling for either company. I am not getting anything from them. I just thought I could add to the knowledge base. 



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