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My left nipple appears to have gotten slightly bigger (I have puffy nipples).  Does this indicate growth?  There's not much change and I could be overreacting.  My left breast has always been slightly bigger than my right since I've had gyno. I went to an endo back in the Summer and she told me my levels were normal.  My right breast appears to be exactly the same as it's always been.  I'm constantly paranoid about my gyno growing and if I get surgery, I'm worried about recurrence.  I've had gyno since I was 14-15 and I"m now 18 about to be 19 in July.  When I inhale deeply it also feels very sore, more of an aching feeling while I hold my breath, but this could be from constant pinching.  Any thoughts?  Am I just overreacting?

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You may be irritating your chest by pinching the area.  I've seen this in a few other patients on whom I've operated, and you aren't helping anything by manipulating and pinching the gynecomastia tissue.  That could cause it to be inflamed, but not necessarily to grow.  Leave it alone for a while and see if it settles down.  It's not likely to go away, from the sounds of it, but it might stop hurting.  If you're almost 19, and if your levels are normal, it's probably safe to have the surgery without a high likelihood of recurrence, but if you're worried about that, wait a little longer before proceeding.

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