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Hey all,
I've had pubertal gynecomastia since I was about 13 years old.  I am 29 years old now and this is something that has hindered me my whole life.  I am in very good shape but I have always had puffy nipples and just extra fat on my chest that would not go away no matter how lean I got (I've had visible abs for most of my life).  My case is likely mild to moderate on the spectrum if I had to guess, but very noticeable to me.

I can say that I am definitely excited about the procedure but I am also a little nervous.  I know Dr.Fielding is one of the best surgeons in this field so I feel good in that respect.  I guess I'm just worried about any deformities/craters and how noticeable the scarring will be in the end.
Just looking for some feedback from people that were once in my situation to help calm my nerves, thanks in advance!

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I had surgery with dr fielding December 7th. The results so far are good although I am still a little puffy.

The scars are basically invisible already at 2 months because they are hidden by your nipple colour. I also have a slight cratering my right side only when lifting my arms. The left side is perfect at only 2 months. I suspect the right pec will improve with more time ( it is softer then the left st this point and still healing ).

These things take time to heal and don't judge your results right away. I went insane looking in the mirror every weeek at the start. Dr fielding is really good. I am also heavier than you so you will probably get better results.

How much did he charge you? I paid 3300 all in (excision + lipo + anaesthesia)

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I got a few PMs so I am just going to reply here instead of to everyone that PMd me. I am not overweight, I am 6'2 200 pounds with an above average build ( I can bench my weight ). I did not slim down for the surgery and I don't think it would have changed my results if I was thinner.

In preparation I prepped chilli and soup cause I knew I wasn't going to cook.  Mentally, yes I was excited and nervous at the same time.

On the day of my surgery (Wednesday) I got up at 6 am and called st Joseph's because I forgot to call dr fielding office the day before! They told me to come in for 9 am and I did.

I registered for surgery and went through like 4 rounds of medical questions before getting into surgical clothes and waiting until 12 for my surgery.

I then talked to the anesthesiologist and went into the surgical room. They IV'd me and Dr fielding came in. He drew on me and asked how I was doing. I got nervous but it didn't last because I got knocked out instantly and came to in the recovery room.

My girlfriend came in and I was given fentanyl for the pain (it was initially painful maybe a 4/10 but it didn't last long). I was also very nauseous and after about an hour I went home. I went straight to bed and my GF brought me soup. One weird thing that got me really paranoid is my armpit ( there was no lipo done there) got so swollen. Like half the size of a baseball. I asked dr fielding about this and he said they put about a litre of water in you for lipo, so it's likely where it found its easiest exit.

It was hard for the first 24 hours. You can't raise your arms and your nipples are on fire. I took about 2 t3s the first night and one the following day. I literally played video games the entire second day. The third day I went for a few walks and again didn't do much.

I went back to work on Monday and wore that stupid vest for 3 weeks. Then about on and off for the next week because my chest was a little sore and it was comforting.

When I initially took the bandages off (actually Fielding did) my left side looked amazing and was slightly yellow. The right side on the other hand was very dark red and seemed flatter ( strange ). Dr fielding said the left side seemed more swollen but in the following weeks I noticed the left side get better and the right get worse.

Right now The left side looks amazing and the right is still improving. Sadly my nipples are still puffy, which I really believe is from swelling, but they definitely aren't as puffy as before. I know this because you can't see them through a T shirt, even a white one. I have so little scar tissue and the right side is still slightly tender at 2 months.

Final note . Make sure you call the hospital the next week for your follow up, I just assumed it was already booked, as the nurse gave me dr fielding post op instructions and a date and time for my follow up. I showed up at st Joseph's the following week and they didn't have me scheduled ( but they fit me in anyways ).

Hope this helps!


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