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I got glands removed January this year. Post op nipples were flat but over the course of the first couple months they developed hard tissue behind them. This tissue has gotten smooth due to massaging etc. On the right side it completeley resolved itself but left side still has some soft tissue behind the nipple which makes it look puffy again. It's right behind the nipple, the rest of the areola, like the transition area from the chest skin to the areola is flat, which was puffy before surgery because of the gland.

On the first picture you can see that the left nipple looks also different in colour, brighter I find because of the tissue behind it. Second pic is my perfectly flat right nipple and third pic is the left nipple which has something behind it left.

Could this be scar tissue since the tissue got smooth (hard originally) and less ? Will this get any better 10 months post op ?

Thanks very much

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It's difficult to get a good sense of what remains based on the photos, but if there is still some scar tissue accounting for the puffiness, you could have your surgeon try a cortisone (Kenalog) injection. This often results in resolution. If not, it's possible that a little more tissue needs to be excised.  
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I agree with Dr. Silverman. It' not too late for steroid injections to help some residual scar tissue.
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You should speak with your surgeon because only he knows what exactly was done during surgery.  If he says he deliberately left some sub-areolar gland tissue to prevent future craters, there is a chance that a bit too much was left.  On the other hand, if he states that virtually all sub-areolar gland was removed, then the cause of your late puffiness could be scar tissue and would then be amenable to cortisone injections.

Good luck!

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