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Ive done a mammo, and now an ultrasound, both times ive been told "its just fat". Is it possible to develop fat only gyne from certain medications, or do medication induced gyno always glandular? This is very frustrating.

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I think that in many ways the body fat could be considered a gland or collection of glands in themselves.

Men tend to deposit fat in a very different pattern than women. Yet there are some men and women who seem otherwise healthy and normal but their fat distribution seems more appropriate for the opposite sex.

Could gynecomastia consist of fat only? Yes. It could also be glandular tissue only. though either condition is highly unlikely. Usually it is somewhere between these two extremes.
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i think there's sometimes confusion on this.  sometimes the tissue is denser and it gets called gland.  if the gland has a higher fat content it's more diffuse and softer and gets called fat.  but that's different from non-gyne fat, which is what these people were trying to say it was.  i think it may be gyne and they have no real idea what gyne is and the fact it won't go away with weight loss any more than women lose theirs with exercise. 

yes meds can cause the problem, and even excess fat in the normal sense can contribute also. 
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