Author Topic: how do i ask about gynecomastia?  (Read 673 times)

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I'm 16 I first noticed my breasts enlarging when I was about 12 they aren't BIG but they are very noticeable I'm too embarrassed to tell my parents or a doctor. Any advice?

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It's never an easy issue to discuss ,but your situation is not uncommon. Also just from a realistic point you will need to discuss this with your parent/parents for two important reasons : 1) surgery cannot be performed without consent and presently you cannot provide consent for a surgical procedure this must be done by a parent and   2) there is a financial aspect to this ie who pays for it.
 It is often a difficult and time consuming process to educate parents for a number of reasons, but I have found it is something that is worth the time and effort. It is useful to include photos to make it possible to assess the actual clinical situation. 
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Most adolescents and young adults are vey embarassed about their gynecomastia. That's why it frequently takes until they get into their 30s to do something about it. This is so unfortunate beause you will be uncomfortable with your gynecomastia for years to come until you get it fixed. I recommend speaking with just one of your parents, whichever one you feel is more approachable. I would simply tell your mom or dad that this has been bothering you and you have looked ino it on the internet. You could show them some of the information you found. The first step would be simply to go for a consultation. Most Plastic surgeons who perform a lot of gynecomastia correction are sensitive to these issues and will know how to speak to your parents as well. If cost becomes an issue I would recommend offering to help pay for the surgery by getting a summer job or helping with more of the household chores. Good luck.
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