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I had my gyne glands removed for about 10 years now
As time passed the usual weight gain, skin sagging  occurred
I sincerely (physically) feel i have gyne again.
Its a feeling i never wanted again and didnt have for several years after post op
But its there
A surgeon suggested skin tightening surgery to deal with it because im a thin guy by nature and also have a chest wall deformity so
As time has passed im dealing with back pains and shoulder pains due to this abnormality

So ill post a pic of me with a white tee to show the sagging skin around my nipple area
(Without a shirt you wont see it)
I know its a difficult area to treat and just would like suggestions and advice on how to proceed to talk to surgeons on how i feel because at this point i could care less on appearance i just want to stand up straight and not feel the protusion (similar to what ive been feeling for years post op)

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Sorry, but we can help you more if you would post some photos without the T-shirt.

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ok here are two pics.


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