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Went to my doctor because I found a small bump on the bottom of my testicle which I had to get an MRI for and blood drawn.  Also found I have Gyno.  I have never used steroids.

The MRI came back negative: showing Epididymal cyst- left testicle, microlithiasis in same testicle.

Blood work came back with:
- Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HGC) at 17 (normal <5)
- Prolactin level 23.9 (normal 3.7-17.9)
- Testosterone level 1180 (normal 132-813)

- Gyno; no nipple discharge that I know of
- Testicular lump at bottom of testicle just notices a few months ago. (mailable not really hard) 
- testicle change sometimes thought the day from firm to softer and smaller
- acne (since high school never goes away unless I use my cream daily)

Im a 26 yr old guy noticed the gyno about a yr to 2 yrs ago but it was very small It has grown a bit over time to be a bit bigger and now is visible when I have a t shirt on. Ive never really had anything wrong with me my entire life.

They referred me to a blood and cancer specialist who after doing a physical exam said I looked healthy and am low risk for cancer at this time.  I get my insurance on the first and he said it was ok to wait till then to get more blood drown. 

He dismissed the testicle thing I have saying it was an epididymal cyst... even though I have one on that testicle above the epididymis and this lump is at the bottom of my testicle. 

Im just scared that I might have cancer of some kind is there any more information anyone can give me? I can answer any other questions...

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The specialist stated he believes the elevated HCG levels and Gyno are from Weed. I let him know that I do smoke but it is very rare (once or twice a month) I believe I did smoke a few weeks before taking the blood test but it was only a little bit

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All three hormone levels are elevated -- you should be evaluated by an endocrinologist.  It is rare to develop gyne in your mid 20's unless there is an underlying reason (ie endocrine abnormalities, taking anabolic steroids, side effects of any meds you may be taking).

A thorough evaluation of all possible causes should be done -- and treatment initiated if possible.  Then watch your gyne after your hormone levels have returned to more normal levels.  Give it 6-12 months.  If nothing has changed, then and only then should you consult a gyne specialist for possible surgery.

Good luck!

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